I am a digital media artist, scholar, teacher, and musician. My work draws from sound studies, archival studies, and the ethnographic study of expressive culture in religious festivals and traditions. My current scholarly research includes sonic archiving and artistic explorations of the Theyyam festival in South India, compiling a sound map of live recordings of the Call to Prayer from mosques around the world, and a look at Lest We Forget, an innovative archival initiative that explores Emirati vernacular tangible and intangible culture through memory, reflection, research and creative expression. These case studies culminate in my dissertation, “Creative Response-A New Look at Archiving: The Role Artists Play in Developing Creative Response from Field Recordings of Ethnographic Research.” My Artistic practice or, as I call it, my creative scholarship, is an exploration and analysis of the power of creative response to elements of everyday life. The resulting projects aim to address questions about the human condition.

I am currently pursuing a Post Doctoral Fellowship at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. Previously I held the position of Art Lecturer at New York University Abu Dhabi, where I taught classes on music production and recording, location sound for film, and sound design for theater. I also taught classes for Arts Capstone Students, and advised student’s on their Capstone Productions.

For more information on my background and experience you can take a look at my CV.

-Diana Chester