Diana A. Chester, Ph.D.


Diana Chester

Artist Statement:

I am a technologist, researcher, sound artist, composer, and University Lecturer. This web based portfolio showcases selected works over the years. My work invites collaboration and exists within a hybridity of artistic mediums including sculpture, video art, photography, interactive media, printmaking, sonic art, and musical composition. By manipulating visual and sonic expression in new ways, my work aims to highlight the complexities of our social relationships with one another and place. In my teaching I am preoccupied with the fusion of applied and theoretical research or as I prefer to call it, creative scholarship, in pedagogy. My approach to teaching welcomes creativity and expression in all its forms, toward the development of each student's intuitive creative process. My current research focuses on the sounds of religious festival and tradition in India and the Middle East.

Publications, Exhibitions, Films, and Compositions:

Etsy Art: A group show. Work included three 4x5 gelatin silver prints, including: "ghost," "organ," and "great neck gothic"

“Acquisition as Appropriation: from the Parthenon to the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim,” Affirmations: Of the modern,4.1, Autumn 2016.

Lest We Forget: In Conversation with Susan Meiselas and Michele Bambling” Tribe Magazine, Issue 38. March 2016.

Sound Map of the Call to Prayer: A web based sound map of live recordings of the Islamic Call to Prayer from around the world.

Theyyam Nilathezhuthu: A collaborative Installation Piece about Theeyam in Keezhara, Kerala, India. Installed on Mud Flooring.

“Artists, Archivist, and Community,” IASA Journal, Issue 45. October 2015. 59-61.

Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter), Sound Design for film by French Director Sophie Bachelier, on Artists in the United Arab Emirates. April 2015.

Toward a Transnational Modernist Movement, Musical Composition, 2015.

Kalima wa Nagham Volume 2, Arabic language book Co-Authored by Nasser Isleem and Ghazi Abuhakema, Audio Book by Diana Chester, February 2015. Website and audio downloads

Everyday Life: A Repertoire of Ritual and Performance: A multimedia exhibition in collaboration with Indian artist Dhanaraj Kheezara, fusing painting, drawing and spacialized sound composition in exploration of caste marginalization and Theyyam, IMA Hall, Kannur, India. December 2014.

Composition as Exploration, Form Shifting Gertrude Stein’s “Composition as Explanation”, Musical Composition, 2014.

Azan Sonic Storyboard, An interactive installation exploring the sonic nuance of the call to prayer, fusing digital images, recorded sound, and sensor based data collection via microcontroller interactivity. Gallery 4211, Al Ain Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE, May 2014.

Ramsah Emirati Dialect Language Book, Co-Authored by Nasser Isleem and Ayesha Al Hashemi, Audio Book by Diana Chester, April 2014. Website and audio downloads

“Filigrane” Short Film Directed by Gail Segal, Sound Design, 2013. Website

Veins, composition for poetry, Musical Composition, 2013.

Philosopher, composition for poetry, Musical Composition, 2013. Album

“Astoria” Podcast for NPR, Sound Design, 2013.

The Odyssey, Sound Design, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2013.

“The Telematic Learning Environment: Experiences and Outcomes Teaching via Network Audio,” IEEE conference proceedings for International Conference on Audio Language and Image Processing, June 2012.

Destination Somewhere, soundscape for film, previewed in the telematic concert for peace, Abu Dhabi and New York, 2012. Film

Babel, 8-channel audio installation inspired by the story of the tower of babel, co-composed with Martin Daughtry, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Abu Dhabi, 2011.

Traffic Jam, Album Produced by Basement Records, Delhi, India, 2008 (1 piece by D. Chester)

Qawalli at Nizamuddin Dargah, Multimedia Web Piece for Twenty Onwards Media, Delhi, India 2008.

When Not In Your Head, Album Produced by People Pin Productions, New York, 2007 (8 original compositions by D. Chester dianachester.com, iTunes) Album

“Gender Socialization in Schooling,” Photographic Exhibition, M.W. Offit Gallery, Columbia University, New York, 2006.

“Gender Identity” Photographic Exhibition, Blanchard Gallery, Mount Holyoke College, 2004.