Celestial Stories Soundscape National Mall, Washington DC 2022

An 8-channel soundscape developed for the Living Religions in the United States Pavilion at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2023

This 8-channel sonic experience turns the listener’s imagination toward the stars. Celestial Stories is a soundscape of the stars in the night sky and narratives of encounters with the sky from different religious and spiritual perspectives. This piece was created using sonification techniques, in which data points of the stars in the night sky, taken from astrographic plates from 1891 to 1928, were used to generate musical tones and sounds to recreate the stars in the sky as a compilation of sounds rather than visual representation. Stories contributed by Festival participants have been woven into the sonic depiction of the slowly changing celestial sphere.

Exhibition Photos

Celestial Stories Soundscape

Celestial Stories Soundscape for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is one continuous work that combines a long-form data sonificaiton of the night sky with oral tradition and stories of the night sky from different spiritual and religious practices. Listen with headphones.