Destination Somewhere

Destination Somewhere is a video piece that was presented live for a Global Telematic Collaboration between 5 Geographic sites, including students in my  Global Telematic Music Ensemble class at New York University Abu Dhabi. The Film is a composite of archival VHS Cassette Tapes from local Camel Races in Abu Dhabi, a soundscape design based on modes of transportation in Asia, and live improvisation from musicians participating in the Telematic Concert. The Filmmaker and video artist on this piece was Dan Carbone, and I was responsible for the soundscape composition.

While working at New York University I spearheaded the opening of a Telematic Studio that relies on network audio and video connectivity to create a specialized synchronous distance learning environment (SDLE) where low-latency allows for collaborations that would be impossible in more traditional SDLE, which often rely on VOIP or video conferencing solutions for connectivity. The Telematic studio used for this concert and collaboration was set up to provide up to 8 channels of local sound amplification in conjunction with 8 channels of low-latency network audio.