Global Queerscape

Global Queerscape is a multi channel audio piece designed and developed in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The piece intends to situate the listener at the cross roads of the current queer rights landscape globally, one which is not accurately or entirely represented by the rights of the most accepting places around the world nor those where queerness and LGBTQI people, rights, and laws are restrictive, illegal, or a target. That said this piece is meant to challenge and problematize what we may think queer rights sound like, and to offer a wide variety of sounds, songs, cheers, voices, and music that represent the global fight for rights around the world.

I should say that the recordings represented in this piece are from geographies where there are public gatherings celebrating queer people and culture, and where people are able to publicly march and protest for their rights. It must be sad that there are still many places around the world, including more rural communities within countries where queer pride may be celebrated within urban centres, where people do not have the right to march, protest, or celebrate and where it is unsafe to do this.

The Album

The piece is composed entirely of field recordings from pride parades, Queer festivals, marches, and celebrations from around the world. The piece includes field recordings from India, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Eswatini, South Africa, Jamaica, Kiev, Turkey, Namibia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, UK, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand.