Jungle Dreamscape

Jungle Dreamscape: A Soundscape, was developed for a collaborative exhibition with Sydney born visual artist Lisa Hoelzl. The installation was installed at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney in October 2018. Lisa created a world of ceramic totems and birds, a work inspired by Henri Rousseau’s whimsical painting, The Dream.

The Album

The Soundscape is a two movement piece created entirely from recorded sounds. These include bird calls of native Australian birds the Azure kingfisher, Swift parrot, Yellow Tailed Black cockatoo, Variegated bee-eater, Dollar bird, Slender-billed creeper, White Dove, and a Magpie.  Recorded sounds also include processing sounds of metal work, welding, cutting, and metal brushing, as well as post kiln ceramic tinging sounds that came from the pieces in the exhibit.  Mimi Brunsdon is the featured pianist who I recorded playing Debussy’s Prelude #10 on two different pianos. And finally, there are recorded excerpts made from a recording of a vinyl record of Sterling Holloway’s reading of Rudayard Kipling’s, “The Elephant’s Child.”