Lola 2013

Lola was form shifted from an old power distribution box found in an abandoned building, soon to be demolished in downtown Abu Dhabi. Lola was designed from an intuitive drive toward humanistic representation, and boasts a head made out of a cooling fan with capacitors for eyes, a heavy metal coiled magnet for a nose, and a large battery at the back of the head, representing a brain. The two images at the top of the page represent Lola’s original form and completely deconstructed state, where the casing and all interior pieces were removed.  Intuitive Aesthetic design during this process meant that some of the components on the circuit board were left in place, to boast a chest plate for the robot.  The lower two images show Lola’s leg and body construction, complete with heart and lungs behind the chest plate, created with wire from the original object, and the completed version of Lola including wisps of hair.