Sonic Encounters The Islamic Call to Prayer

Sonic Encounters: The Islamic Call to Prayer is the culmination of a ten year research project that considers sound as a tool to complicate, communicate, and explore culture. The book recounts my experiences gathering field recordings of (adhan) the Islamic call to prayer in Muslim communities around the world.

Organized as a series of geographic case studies, the book is peppered with chapters that explore process, method, technique, sound, and memory. The writing touches on key questions and problems related to being an artist, doing ethnographic research, and technologies and methods for field recording. In this work I grapple with what it means to develop art from ethnographic research and the ethics and considerations of working with Islamic communities and religious recitations.

The book uses a sound studies framework to explore artistic research methods and practices in ethnography as they relate to religious recitation, and a hybrid memoir/field note writing style to share the research with the audience. The book has images and QR codes scattered throughout so that readers can engage in a both a visual and listening experience while reading, and use their auditory senses to grapple with raw field materials as I did while conducting this research.

This is my first monograph and I am really excited to put this work out into the world. You can purchase my book on or directly through Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.