Sounding Nature | 2021 | Gallery25

Sounding Nature is an installation of Sonic Visualizations created during the pandemic showcased at Gallery25 at Edith Cowan University from July 6-July 22 2021. The pieces, Coogee and Two by Two are meditations on nature, the ocean, and loneliness. The exhibition attempts to create spaces where visitors can get lost in the mesmerizing appeal  of the visual and sonic environments. The compositions in these pieces are original and improvised. This work is most inspired by the solitude and reliance on inner strength that emerged particularly for those living alone during the pandemic. These musical pieces were inspired by a desire to collaborate with musicians in different geographies, and to bring a form of togetherness and connectedness while in our own isolated places.

Coogee is a video work that uses one continuous video of waves crashing against an ocean pool played in reverse as a mesmerizing and monotonous reel. This looped on repeat served as the inspiration for the accompanying composition which brings manipulated ocean recordings, tung drum, and analog synthesizer together to express a state of alone loneliness.

Two by Two is a collaboration with American flautist. Francesca Hoffman. This video work is part movie part animation and has drawn its inspiration from the natural environment in Sydney and Hudson, New York where the musicians were based. The resulting composition tells the story of connectedness, togetherness, aloneness, and ultimately serves as a meditation on using music to connect and explore our connections in interior technologically mediated spaces like our phones and computers.