Theyyam Ritual, Nature, & People

The Exhibition uses traditional Theyyam folklore and mythic stories as visual representations to explore varied aspects of community in the Theyyam Festival of Keezhara. The artist uses graffiti style drawing in graphite and monochromatic paint to depict linear and non-linear stories through his lense of 47 years attending Keezhara Theyyam.

The exhibition uses white non-woven material in rolls totaling a continuous visual wall of 40 meters wide by 1.25 meters tall. The material is configured as a waking maze in a bullseye fashion, with a mirror at its center. The intention is for viewers to walk through the circular visual wall, and experience the drawings of Theyyam, and the community representations, and half way through be confronted by a mirror reflecting their own image in the foreground, with the visual community images of Theyyam behind them. As the viewer then completes their journey back out of the maze, the hope is that they will begin to reflect on the visual representations differently then when they walked in.

The exhibition intends to juxtapose the concepts of community versus the individual, and allow viewers the space to consider not only their role as a part of the community but their role as an individual piece of the community. The artist has previously worked on exhibitions focused on Theyyam, and always attempts to broach issues of social importance. This exhibition is no different and hopes to cast a light on the way we each play a role on the social order and progress of our own communities. By walking through the graffiti wall viewers will have the opportunity to consider and reflect on the strength of a community, and the role or roles that we each do play as well as those that we can chose to play.

Exhibition Photos