Women in Sound Women on Sound

Women in Sound Women on Sound (WISWOS) is an international hub of networks and individuals, including artists, researchers, technologists, musicians, archivists and everything in between, with an interest in sound, technology and education. WISWOS was established in 2015 at Lancaster University as a space to showcase women’s contributions to computer music (the use of computer technology to compose and perform music), the sonic arts and sound studies. Since then, the network has collaborated with people from across the world to try and find innovative new ways to bridge the industry’s gender gap.

Our goals begin with making visible women who work in the multitudinous areas of sound from music technology to sound art, sound and society, the politics of sound, and every area in between. We are doing this by creating event spaces for presenting workshops – symposiums – peer-to-peer networking opportunities and performance/exhibition opportunities. We also aim to explore how secondary school education shapes girls participation in the fields of music technology and the sonic arts. We have developed our Research in a Box Toolkit, Activating Women in Sound. We have built an online interactive space, which highlights women’s varied contributions to sound and music studies. The space helps you to locate the work of female authors both contemporary and historic in new and engaging ways. The space is also open to contributors; by going to the reading list submission page you can add an author to our list along with other resources of and about women in sound.