Data Sonification takes large data sets of information, in the case of my work these are scientific datasets, and uses them as the basis for generating sounds and soundscapes. I have spent the past five years developing data sonification techniques, software, patches, and aesthetics to work specifically with scientific datasets. I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic collaborators through this process and to have developed sonifications that help to express data, place datasets in relation to one another, and for the purposes of highlighting and expressing scientific data in new ways toward the development of new knowledge.  I work heavily with MIDI based sonification where I use custom software patches developed primarily in MAX to run large datasets through expressive MIDI controllers while manipulating a variety of parameters that influence the aesthetics of the sonifications.

Funding and institutional support for this research has come from the Sydney Nano Institute through a 3-year Catalyst Grant, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences External Engagement Grant, the Powerhouse Museum, and the Smithsonian Institute. Core collaborators in this work include Dr. Benjamin Carey, Dr. Luke Hespanhol, Liam Bray, Dr. Petra Heil, Sean Minhui Tashi Chua,  Dr. Anna Raupach, and Alex Braidwood.

Research Projects